Thursday, May 13, 2010

Some preliminary fun...

After writing my initial introduction for my blog, I started wondering, "Now what?" I had an idea of what to do with it. I knew I wanted to show off my writing. I knew I wanted to use it for my occasional rants and raves. I knew I wanted to blather endlessly about my favorite fandoms. But I realized I didn't have much of a plan beyond aforementioned blathering.

I'm not an organized person. It takes a real effort for me to keep to structure. I've decided to take the middle road on this issue. I'm going to outline the different types of posts you'll see, but I'll be posting whatever happens to come to mind that day.

1.) Serious writings.
These will probably be less frequent than the others. When I am writing something seriously (even if it's humorous) I tend to take my time, flesh it out, and edit before posting (even if it still looks rather rough drafty at the end).

2.) Humor writings.
I already have many of these written. These are simply stories or parodies I've written just for the fun of it. I didn't consider much about "plot" or editing them, because they tend to be purely nonsensical and, quite frankly, surreal.

3.) Rants
These happen when something pokes at my mind enough to annoy me. They're usually political in nature but aren't necessarily such. They tend to happen after listening to talk radio; however I try to search around, get some for/against opinions, and facts beyond Rush Limbaugh's paper-shuffling ranting. I warn you right now-I'm a mad conservative anyways, but I'm willing to hear and discuss reasonable dissenting opinions. My brother enjoys debating enough to play devil's advocate, so I'm used to it.

4.) Reviews and other things
From time to time I'll review something I've read or watched, or just call attention to something that I think is either funny or interesting. Prepare for November 11th, when I get back from the movie theater after seeing the first part of Deathly Hallows....

Lastly I'll just put up a couple links I use to help my writing.

The first is Rich Hamper's Writer's Resources Page. I really love this page. It has some great character profiles that help my disorganized mind put down all I know about my characters, and then some. It also explains some common grammatical mistakes and regulating narrative flow. (Ex. In my writing I tend to dump a lot of information at once, like a college lecture, and I've slowly realized that, well, is boring. Like Geography class, "Erica, your eyes are unfocused" boring.)

Next is the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. Since I'm not published I'm not a member, but they still have some great resources for authors. My favorite is the world-building; it helps me think out more about the world I'm trying to create in my stories. As I said before, these sorts of things are great for someone like me with a disorganized frame of mind.

Finally, I'm going to plug a friend's blog, Mermaid Tea. Tori has a similar creative bent, and she started a blog specifically to help writers. It's just started, but she has useful ideas that help inspire me.

And that is all you're going to get out of me for today. Until next time....


  1. You know, I have much of the same problem, developing my characters, and more so with the world they inhabit. But, alas, I felt that perhaps I should wait to REALLY get these things down once I am attending college, and taking creative writing classes. Needless to say though... I do know my road for actually creating concepts for my books is dwindling. But... I'm not in a hurry.

  2. Such a slacker David. Such a slacker ;-D