Monday, January 17, 2011

Book Review: Dandelion Fire

I'm near the end of my reviews...which means I'm actually going to have to write something to post instead of just reviewing stuff. I could write about how it turns out Jared Loughner, PhD in Nutcasery, is a Truther, but that wouldn't take long at all.

Jared Loughner turns out to be a Truther, meaning he blames George Bush for 9/11, which isn't something a right-wing nutcase does.

There. That was easy. *Hits the imaginary Easy button*
On to the review!

Dandelion Fire by Nathan Wilson

Henry is about to be sent back to his adoptive parents, who have been released from captivity. Not wishing to return to his suffocating former life, he decides to go through the cupboards to find out about his past and his real parents. He soon finds himself crossing paths with a powerful wizard in thrall to the dark realm of Endor and angry, though rather comical, faeren. Henrietta, meanwhile, determined to follow Henry, finds herself in troubles of her own (once again those crazy faeren).

The book was a bit more faster-paced than the last, but that was necessary; Henry isn't just discovering, he's taking part in the action now. We see his slow growth into his own in this book, and learn a bit more of his and others' history, including Uncle Frank's. A nice second book to this series. The ending was really enjoyable; almost dream-like in its peace.


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  1. Thanks for the review. This sounds like an awesome book and I can't wait to start reading it soon!

  2. It's an absolutely amazing series. I'm on the third one now and it's getting better and better. :-)