Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Book Review: Greenwitch

Greenwitch (Dark Is Rising Sequence (Simon Pulse))
She is green. And witchlike.

Okay, yeah I read this in a day. It's a rather short book, but it feels almost like a midway point, a meeting place, and I feel like it's going to pick back up again. The main strength of this book lies in Cooper's ability to seamlessly weave the old and varying folklore of England into the story.

After the theft of the grail, Merriman Lyon invites the Drew children back to Trewissick in Cornwall, England, to a house he has rented for their spring break. He has also invited some old acquaintances...a man named Bill Stanton, his wife, and his nephew...Will, who is becoming increasingly Old One-like (is that a term? It is now.)

They all come together for the making of the Greenwitch, a tradition in Trewissick. While the boys try to find a way to keep the "intruder" from meddling with Merry's plans for them (not knowing Will is there to protect them as well), Jane Drew is invited to see the making of the Greenwitch. Before they throw it into the sea, people are allowed to make a wish, and Jane finds herself wishing the melancholy looking witch could be happy.

Meanwhile, a strange man who is Obviously Evil lures Barney and Simon to his gypsy caravan to use Barney's apparent clairvoyance (using the aforementioned grail) and they must find out how exactly to get both the grail and the lost manuscript before Mr. Obviously Evil. It doesn't take long, luckily, as they have only a week, and the book goes quickly. But it ends with the good guys having a distinct advantage, which will probably be promptly overthrown in the next book, otherwise there wouldn't be two more books following.

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