Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Books Reviews (3 of 'em!)

Since I've been so lazy lately. Also, I'll be posting my review of the new POTC soon.

The Grey King by Susan Cooper

The Grey King (Dark Is Rising Sequence (Simon Pulse))

It's like this. Will has become strangely, terribly ill, and is sent off to visit some relatives in Wales to recover. (Why people think sending someone off elsewhere to recover from illness best recovered from in bed is beyond me. But it gets the ball rolling.) Due to his illness he can remember little about his goal about defeating TEH EVULZ. Once he gets in Wales and takes a walk up a strangely ominous mountain, he remembers-mainly thanks to an odd white dog and his equally odd albino owner Bran, a boy who was informed of Will's arrival by-you guessed it-Merriman. Working together, they must find a golden harp to awaken the sleepers. Unfortunately, that mountain they're on? That's where the Grey King, one of the lords of darkness, resides. YAY.

Once again a good book, and this time delving further into the myths of Britain. (And if, in the finding the harp scene, you can't guess who that middle lord is, or why he's so delighted to see Bran, then you clearly have
read nothing).

Silver on the Tree by Susan Cooper

Silver on the Tree (Dark Is Rising Sequence (Simon Pulse))

The book opens up with the Drew children arriving in Wales, where they quickly meet up with Bran and Will. Things are coming to a head soon, and while the Drew children work with Merriman, Will and Bran must find the last Thing of Power (this is my criticism...who calls it a "Thing" of power? Then again I can think of no better word.) They journey into an enchanted land caught in time, and then it's a race to a mystical tree to take the blossoms at midsummer before the Dark can.

A nice, bittersweet ending to the series.

Peter and the Secret of Rundoon by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson

Peter and the Secret of Rundoon (The Starcatchers)

Did I ever review "Peter and the Shadow Thieves"? I can't remember. So here's the next one in the series. It starts out with...an issue. Lord Ombra is Not Quite Dead, and is ordered by his superior...shadow...things to go find Peter, because they need him for some task they refuse to disclose to the reader. Meanwhile, Lord Aster is on his way to Paris for a Starcatcher meeting, and Molly Aster and George Darling go digging to find out who it was that warned the Starcatchers of the falling of the starstuff, and why they didn't do it this time.

Turns out the person who warned them was a guy named Mr. Pan...

While the Asters and George chase Ombra (complete with Peter and lost boys) to Rundoon, a warlike tribe from another island attacks Mollusk island, and the chief's daughter teams up with the few uncaptured pirates to stop them.

And it goes very very fast because it's difficult to put the book down.

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