Saturday, January 28, 2012 a nutshell

Lovecraft can be very entertaining. But on the "I don't mind reading someone trying to sound like ye olde English gentleman" level. Sometimes Lovecraft's stories can be very strange, and very rambly. Dreamquest of Unknown Kadath certainly has this problem. Therefore, for those who don't wish to take the five hours out of their day to read the whole thing, I have written a summary, a Cliff's Notes version, if you will. I hope this helps explain a few things.

Randolph Carter dreams of a pretty city and goes to find it in the Dreamlands.

Creepy Fish Guy: Hi Randolph! Here, take a swig out of this creepy ruby flask.
Randolph: Sounds legit.

Randolph promptly passes out and is shanghaied off to the moon to visit Nyarlathotep, whose name is constantly mentioned for no reason other than foreshadowing. Luckily, an army of cats who can somehow go to the moon and back arrive and save his ass.

Random Demigod: Hi Randolph! I’m not sure where that city is, but it’s probably over those super creepy mountains of doom that no one ever goes over because they’re so incredibly evil.
Randolph: Sounds legit.

Randolph goes over the creepy mountains and is shanghaied off to an evil dream city to visit Nyarlathotep. Again. Luckily he knocks his captor out with a lamp and runs off. After gathering an army of ghouls to fight off the moonbeasts of doom, they fly on out to Kadath to ask the gods where the pretty city is. They make it to Kadath only for Randolph to visit Nyarlathotep.

Nyarlathotep: Hi Randolph! Climbing on the back of this white windowless unmarked Shantank will take you to the pretty city of Boston, and free candy.
Randolph: Sounds legit.

Randolph is immediately shanghaied off again, this time to visit Azathoth. Luckily he realizes he can jump off the back of the white windowless unmarked Shantank and wakes up, safe and sound. Nyarlathotep, embarrassed by the fact he was outwitted by the dumbest human in existence, takes it out on Earth’s gods, who were vacationing in Boston the whole time.

Conclusion: Randolph Carter might be a scholar, a writer, and a bad ass, but he’s dumber than a box of rocks.

This would make a good English paper, right?


  1. I read "The Statement of Randolph Carter" last year. Is he a recurring character for Lovecraft?

    1. Yeah, and his adventures just get more and more bizarre.