Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Consequences of Enthusiasm

It appears I posted my review of the third Dexter novel before I posted my review of the second. The second will be done within the next few days. But I must speak on something dear to my heart.

Okay, not so dear. The only reason the Super Bowl isn't a total bore to me this year is because I think the Patriots are all right (and I believe they were quite mean to the Packers, who as you know are the enemies again), and I'm not too fond of the Giants. So I can take sides that aren't entirely meaningless. This does mean that my threats aren't going to be quite as severe.

But win. I really don't like the Giants. If you lose, I'm not going to send a giant monster rampaging through your town. Not a spider. Not Cthulhu (I think he's already there, actually, it being New England and all). No, nothing terrible. But if you lose, I will develop this strange compulsion to don a theater mask, break into your house, and make cryptically silly videos about you. This might, I'm afraid, have the side effect of causing you to be stalked by the Slender Man. Of course, this may already be happening to you if you have wifed in the club once too often. But I digress.

If you win this game, you need not give up any twenniez whatsoever. And that is my final word on the matter.

Love, Erica.

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  1. Got your mask ready? 'Cause it looks like Tom Brady has spent too much time wifin' in da club.