Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Super Bowl Update

Well, we lost. It was quite surprising, and rather unpleasant. However, as I said before, I was not too emotionally invested in the game. I was chiefly confused by Madonna’s EgyptiRomaNorse Cheerleading squad, and trying to understand whether or not she had been reading the Necromonicon beforehand.

As for my threat? It…didn’t pan out so well.

Immediately afterward I used a closet to teleport to Alabama (closet teleportation is all the rage these days, you know) and attempted to steal Tim’s mask. Naturally, TiMasky did not take kindly to my trying to steal the Magic Theater Mask™, and very frankly told me to bugger off. Upon which Alex came out of nowhere and started playing a trumpet. Rather frightened by all these happenings, I ducked back into the Teleportation Closet™ and fled home.

My original plan for punishing the Patriots having failed, I decided instead to use the Necromonicon to send Cthulhu to the Patriots’ stadium. Obviously the entire incident was covered up.

Rumors of Cthulhu meeting the Giant Spider at the Jets’ stadium are, of course, ridiculous and nonsensical.


  1. Totally unrelated to the Super Bowl, but had you seen the backstory to entry 25?


    1. Yea, saw that. It makes sense. Perfect sense. Have I gotten you started on deviantart as well? It's also addictive.

      And most of my post had little to do with the Super Bowl.

  2. Actually I got started on deviantart a while ago when the Nostalgia Critic started having awesome art at the beginning of each episode. :)

    1. Nostalgia Critic as well? How do you find time to teach between Critic, Marble Hornets, deviantart, and TV Tropes?