Saturday, March 10, 2012

Speaking of Slender Vlogs...

While I wait breathlessly for Entry 53 to arrive, I think I'll do a short review of another series I've found.

StanFrederickBTS is the YouTube channel maintained by the eponymous Stan, a kid making an amateur horror movie. He chats about his script, screen tests, and his camera problems. He also seems to be having issues with the neighbor kids, who for some reason like going out and playing late at night. He tweets about this quite a bit.

But his camera problems-and insomnia-start getting worse, and then one of the kids next door starts calling late at night, complaining about odd noises. This has come to a head when Stan goes outside, finds little Loretta sitting uselessly on the pavement, her brother gone-and a rather tall man who seems to be lacking some important features...namely, a face...

Stan gives chase, but has no memory of what happened beyond the footage, and now Loretta's brother is gone. And to make it worse, Stan has attracted some Slender groupies, who have decided it's time to start harassing him on YouTube.

Now, this series has been pretty slow going. The distortion is pretty well done, however, and startling at times, and now it seems like the creator is getting a clearer idea of where he wants to go with this. Some things seem a bit cliche-the Slender groupies are calling themselves the Collective, an idea originally started by Tribe Twelve, and Stan uses the Operator symbol at the end of the Collective video. The Operator symbol doesn't bother me so much. It's become so widely used in just about every Slender story that it's less a Marble Hornets thing and accepted as just a sign of the Slender Man in general. However, I hope the creator gets a bit more original with his Collective idea. It's an intriguing thought, but if it's exactly the same as Tribe Twelve that will definitely take away from the horror (unless, of course, this is in the same setting as Tribe Twelve, upon which I will take away my disapproval and cheer on the crossovers).

Overall, it's decent, and it seems like it's going to get better.

Also, it is proof that Slender Man just can't stand amateur filmmakers.

Wait a minute...could it be...? Could Slender Man really be...?

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