Friday, June 29, 2012

My's full of root beer

Root Beer: The ROOT of All Evil (Geddit Geddit?)


World's comin' to an end there.

See, this is why everyone should be required to eat a small amount of junk food a day, to inure them to the dread illness of self-righteousness and pettiness. I mean, even if it doesn't do much morally, a hefty dose of chocolate will at least put one in a temporary state of bliss.

Here's the thing. Soda is a common drink. It's everywhere. You can't escape it.

So, when sending one's child off to a place where you can't watch what he eats or drinks, one should probably inform those in charge of what he can or can't have. See? It's simple. It's not difficult.

And say there was a slip up.

One root beer is not going to kill someone, not even in the long run. I remember taking sips of Mom's Dr. Pepper all the time when I was a kid. THAT STUFF IS CAFFEINATED, REMEMBER. And caffeinated!Erica is IncrediblyTalkative!Erica.

I occasionally have a soda. I'm not utterly addicted. I can drink water (though I preferred mine flavored-precious Aquafina, how I adore you!). I can drink juice. I can drink wine. Heck, while we're on it, I can even drink whiskey!


Ahem. Anyways. Ignoring the frothing teetotalers who are convinced I'm going to hell, soda. Having five or six sodas a day can cause problems. *coughMomcough* Having a soda every month or so, or even having it once, AIN'T DOIN' NOTHIN'.

So please, Ms. Leah, calm the %^$# down. THE WORLD IS NOT ENDING.

Besides, they could have given him something different.


  1. So,Erica, are you trying to tell me something about my Dr. Pepper drinking? I just don't understand what you're trying to say, Erica. Now, excuse me while I go get my 6th Dr. Pepper of the day. Got a little behind today, don't ya!