Thursday, June 14, 2012

Obligatory "I'm F5ing YouTube" Pre-Entry Post

So while I wait breathlessly for the next Marble Hornets entry, which promises to be a doozy, I started thinking of what precisely could happen in this scenario. After all, Jay was going to remind Tim of his days as a mask-wearing weirdo, and Tim was going to tell Jay...something. Something apparently very important. I see several possibilities.

Jay: Tim, I think you need to see the Marble Hornets tapes. They show you being attacked by Alex with a pipe...stick...pipe...whatever, he hits you in the head and then you get stalked by an eldritch horror and you started wearing a mask and tackling people.
Tim: Jay...I'm pregnant.

However, this doesn't seem to be an episode of Space Ghost, so I doubt this will happen.

This is a more likely scenario.

Jay: Tim, Alex attacked you, an eldritch horror stalked you, and you wore a mask and tucked me into bed.
Tim: Jay, Alex attacked me, an eldritch horror stalked me, and I wore a mask and tucked you into bed. Also your hat is the ark.

Or, perhaps, this.

Jay: Tim, I have something important to tell you!
Tim: Jay, I have something more important!
Operator: Guys, I have something really important to say. I'm not a businessman.

The possibilities for this entry are endless.

However, it will probably just be a painfully awkward conversation followed by either A.) Chasing Hoody through the backwoods of Alabama, or B.) Being chased by the Operator through the backwoods of Alabama.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have lots F5ing to do and lots of cookies to bake.

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