Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Eclectic Blog Mantra: It's Just A Pizza, You Should Really Just Relax

Pizza: The Political Menace

I decided to comment on this because, while trivial in general, shows a problem. Perhaps I can explain best by showing my immediate reaction to reading this article.

This was it. Are these people really stupid enough to suddenly become enraged because someone they buy food from happens to have different political views, or are they just trolls that have nothing better to do with their lives?

Or both, as the case may be.

The guy likes the president. HE REALLY REALLY LIKES THE PRESIDENT.

While the bear hug was incredibly awkward, and probably had Secret Service having heart attacks and scrambling for their guns and trying to eat that last bit of pizza before they had to do something, the guy is harmless. He thinks the President is doing a fine job. I question his judgment, but whatever.

It's one thing to decide, "Well, he's probably using his money to support the Democrats, and I do not agree with them, therefore I will have pizza somewhere else."

It's another thing to react like this.

"BLARGHARGARGARG HE IS LIBERAL THEREFORE EVIL EVIL PIZZA BAD PIZZA NO LIKEY GO SOMEWHERE ELSE" and essentially scream this to the whole world, thereby making an ass of yourself in front of MILLIONS OF PEOPLE.

You know, like Snooki.

I digress. Great, boycott the guy if you want, but your reaction is so over the top that I can only conclude that I am surrounded by idiots.

Thank you. Thank you for affirming my own intelligence.

Now look at this picture and tell me it doesn't make you smile even a little bit.

TL;DR: Shut up and eat your freaking pizza.

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