Thursday, November 15, 2012

Pure Unmitigated Nonsense For Your Entertainment

Theoretically, I could be doing other things, such as putting up laundry, studying for Psychology, or washing dishes. However, I saw that we have an "unspoilery" Marble Hornets screenshot.

Naturally, I immediately devised several hypothetical situations as to what would happen in Entry #65. However, seeing as how we've had no hints as to what will happen from the IG twitter, I had to come up with my own nonsense.

As you see, the screenshot is of a lake. It appears to be near the area where Jay filmed at the beginning of Season 2. This is of clear importance. I know what will happen.

Jay will follow TiMasky back into Rosswood. Again. Because going into the Woods of Death (TM) is a great idea. Rather than going into the tunnel, Jay will simply walk around. Alex is shocked, and the Operator cries.

Jay will find himself at the edge of a lake, where there is a large amount of gopher wood, hammers, and a surly and half-drunk Noah Maxwell waiting. Hoody will appear right out of nowhere, excited because Jay finally led him to the ark. Upon which Noah will point out, "ARE YOU F***ING CRAZY, IT'S NOT F***ING BUILT, IT'S JUST F***ING WOOD, WHY AM I EVEN IN THIS F***ING PLACE, WHAT DOES THE F***ING OBSERVER WANT ME TO F***ING DO, I MEAN WHAT THE F***?"*

Everyone will back away slowly, and thereafter pretend this never happened.

*NoahSpeak not recommended for public places, particularly near children, cameras, or tall faceless men in suits.

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