Saturday, December 15, 2012

Silly Hobbit Review: Possible Spoilers if you don't read

ZOMG so Bilbo was all like "So Frodo that Smaug guy was a real jerk" and then Gandalf was like "Imma troll Bilbo a bit here" and then dwarves happened and they trolled Bilbo some and then Bilbo fainted then he was all like "CHANGED MAH MIND" and then trolls happened and Radagast is like "I'M CRAZY AND SAURON SCARES ME" and then giants and then Thorin's like "I hate elves!" and Elrond's like "LOL U MAD BRO" and then Galadriel's like "Oh God does Saruman ever stop talking?" and Gandalf goes "lol no" and then more orcs happened and Gollum is saved by puppy eyes and then even more orcs and then Bilbo hides the ring in his pocket and Gandalf's like "YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME" and then EVEN MORE ORCS and then eagles and then Bilbo's like "well I guess that was the worst of it" and Gandalf's all "SHUT UP BILBO YOU FRIGGIN JINX" and then Smaug's like "lol hi" to the audience and I want more.

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