Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Hobbit: The SERIOUS Review

     I’ve occasionally shouted things about Peter Jackson that were very mean. I feel I have good reason. On the one hand, I really loved the LOTR films as a whole. On the other hand, he pretty much took several characters and flanderized them into something completely different. Aragorn was not the reluctant king, he was biding his time to take back the kingdom. Faramir was not another Boromir; he rejected the Ring’s temptation and did not take Frodo fifty miles out of his way so some Nazghul could come have a looksie. Frodo did not succumb to Gollum’s lies about Sam, because Frodo was smart enough to know Gollum couldn’t be trusted, no matter how nice he was to him. (Blindness and kindness? Did you read that line?) But I digress. Overall I liked the movies, and overall I liked what Peter Jackson has done with The Hobbit.
     We knew before that he planned on adding the supplementary material we only hear a bit of in the books. While I question the need to give Elijah Wood a cameo, I’m not complaining too much, because the rest is wonderful. Jackson maintained the lighter tone that The Hobbit has (which Tolkien hated, but I’m not complaining). I also appreciated the greater focus on Thorin’s character, and seeing more clearly why he’s so grumpy (pun not intended). And I liked our divergence to Radagast (WHO IS THE MOST AWESOME WIZARD EVER AND I WILL FIGHT ANYONE WHO DARES SAY OTHERWISE) and his notice of the Necromancer’s *coughSauroncough* evil. Also spiders. I really don’t like spiders.
     The movie flowed well, and even though I found the literal rock giants a bit odd, it was okay. If there had been more explosions I would have suspected Michael Bay was the true director though. I was a bit amused that even though Gandalf technically outranks the elves, he still seemed awed by Galadriel. Then again she was totally flirting with him. Okay, maybe not. Either way, I enjoyed the movie, diversions and all. However, teasing us with Smaug-that was mean, PJ. That was very mean.
     Awesome movie. I MUST SEE IT AGAIN.

    Also Radagast.

I bet he has a huge army of songbirds.

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