Friday, January 4, 2013

100 Themes Challenge: Introduction


  [in-truh-duhk-shuh n]  Show IPA
the act of introducing or the state of being introduced.
a formal personal presentation of one person to another or others.
a preliminary part, as of a book, musical composition, or the like, leading up to the main part.
an elementary treatise: an introduction to botany.
an act or instance of inserting.

     And right now, he was about to insert himself in this conversation. It should be simple: walk by, feign expertise in whatever subject they’re on at the moment, observe them all as he carried the discussion. He could do this. No problem. He’d have this case wrapped up in an instant.
     He picked up another glass of champagne (perhaps he shouldn’t have quite so many…) and edged his way closer to the knot of scientists.
     “Naturally, when it comes to the bosons of early string theory, we could no doubt assert then that…”
     “Are you talking about Dr. Who?” he asked, then could have kicked himself. They all turned to stare at him. Then, to his surprise, the scientist who had been droning on, smiled.
     “They certainly use a great deal of experimental physics to explain time travel. Although, it is interesting that what people once considered pure science fiction has been proven and developed.”
     “Like their ‘invisibility cloak’,” he said, pleased that the scientists were willing to talk down.
     “Yes. Which is why I suggest you move on.”
     “Wait, what?”
     The scientist leaned in, and his smile turned sinister.
     “Because you currently have a man with a cloaking device training a gun directly on your head.”
     He took a step back, swallowed, smiled awkwardly.
     “Ah. Well, I’ll just, uh…just leave you to your…umm…bosons.” He nearly tripped over himself heading for the door, and only stopped to deposit his champagne in a much abused potted plant.
     That could have been worse.

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