Monday, January 21, 2013

Book Review: Blood Oath by John Vornholt

     John Vornholt returns, with a less clunky, but still somewhat odd, version of B5. In it, we find that although G’Kar happily survived that previous assassination attempt, Du’Rog’s family has now sworn a blood oath. Oh crap. G’Kar comes up with a wonky plan to fake his death, and when his shuttle explodes when leaving B5, everyone is horrified and assumes he’s dead. They have a lovely memorial service, and Londo gives a strangely touching speech. And keeps referencing Mark Twain.
     Sheridan sends Ivanova and Garibaldi off to the Narn Homeworld to attend the memorial service there. They swiftly discover G’Kar hiding on the transport, Na’Toth punches him, and a good time is had by all.
     Until they get to the Homeworld, and find they have to find a way to appease Du’Rog’s family, because there’s no way ax-crazy Mi’Ra is letting this thing rest once she finds out G’Kar’s still alive.
     As I said, Vornholt improved a bit, and most of his characters seem more 3-dimensional and less exaggerated versions of themselves, but I still feel like Vornholt hadn't quite gotten a handle on Sheridan yet. On the other hand, he does a great job of describing Narn culture, giving us the confused Ivanova and Garibaldi to relate to and an overly-cheery human guide with a Narn fetish (he apparently married a Narn and will not stop hitting on Na’Toth, providing some surreal comedy). We also get a glimpse into the antagonist’s mind, and a few anvils regarding the ills of society are dropped, but in a pleasant, Straczynski, G’Kar-Is-Having-One-Of-His-Moments kind of way. Overall, it was an okay book. Still not the best, but I am happy to see that Vornholt improved. 

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