Thursday, February 7, 2013

Meme Validity; or, The Effects of Logic and Redband Beer on the Intellect

Many times this image has been used to derail a particularly odd argument. It utilizes intentional silliness and alleged lack of logic to accomplish this goal. However, I have found out the truth, via truth tables no less.

My hair is a bird. This argument is valid.


  1. You are banned from the beer stash forever...

  2. If you hair is a bird then your argument is invalid. But your hair is a bird if and only if that image is not photoshopped. Either your hair is not a bird or that image is photoshopped. Therefore your argument is either valid or is is true that your hair is not a bird and your argument is invalid

    1. No, see, if my hair is a bird then YOUR argument is invalid. Therefore...

      What am I doing, I need to do actual Logic homework. XD