Saturday, March 23, 2013

Book Review: Wicked Jealous by Robin Palmer

     Simone, with her pasty skin, dark hair, and addiction to snack cakes, is the “Weird Fat Girl” in her high school. But when her father’s girlfriend, pushing hard to become “Step Mother”, starts taking over the house, Simone winds up taking Zumba classes with some older women just to escape, and winds up losing weight and discovering her love of vintage clothes. Not even this seems to help, as Future StepMother seems to be trying to fatten her back up, and keeps accidentally giving her apple-related foods, which Simone happens to be allergic to. Fed up, Simone moves in with her brother and his six college roommates. But life is complicated in a house full of college boys, and Future StepMother is still around…
     Wicked Jealous was a pretty entertaining update on the Snow White story. We have a Snow White who doesn’t feel like the fairest in the land, a Prince Charming who’s rather clueless (and with horrible taste in music-he listens to Justin Bieber), some lovely shout outs to the Disney film and some bizarre side characters (including Lady GaGantuan, the local cross dresser). Simone, far from being the sweet and gentle character we expect, is rather snarky (actually, let’s face it, she’s a hipster), occasionally depressed, and far from helpless. It also gives a decent “moral”, if you want to call it that (it’s well-hidden, I think): even after Simone loses weight and starts taking care of her appearance, she still struggles with self-esteem. Her confidence has to come from within. It was fun, light reading all around.
    Also, the updates for the dwarves are hilarious.
    Especially that Grumpy is an angsty artist called "Thor".

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