Saturday, April 27, 2013

Lenten Lolz Part 3

The end of Great Lent Unplugged gets increasingly serious. Jean Hoefling may love a good laugh, but she also, as pointed out initially, realizes that “IT’S THE REPENTANCE STUPID”. However, we still get a few lulz.

The Ladder of St. Climacus is an icon showing the “ladder to heaven”, surrounded by demons attempting to shove people off, because there’s nothing worse than Stair-Pusher-Downers.

Surrounding them on all sides is a host of weasel-faced, anorexic hobgoblins in ballet tights. These wield toy bows and arrows, salad tongs and kite string against the climbers, in a fiendish ploy to drag them down to…wait a minute. Salad tongs? Everyone knows certified demons carry pitchforks, or for reasons of economy, fistfuls of fiery darts. We are undoubtedly dealing with unlicensed demons here. One poor pilgrim has succumbed and fallen head first into a beanbag chair on the desert floor. In icon code this head-in-the-bean-bag-chair is some sort of hell image, suggesting in a symbolic way that in hell everyone’s head is stuck in a beanbag chair.

Hoefling even designs her own “Ladder of Divine Ascent Interactive Icon Game” to use for evangelism.

Fun and natural way to explain Hell’s Bean Bag Chairs to Unsaved Neighbors!

Further on, during a description of what happens when one converts, and the classes involved, Hoefling gives us a few examples of where their converts are coming from.

Fundamental Fundamentalist Fundamentalism, Cogent Calvinism, Feel-Frothy Faith, Rabid Reformity, Liturgical Washouts, all survivors of Cultural Relevance, Theme Sundays, Happy Churches, Being Born Again, Have You Got the Victory, and whatever that thing is we don’t like about Thomas Aquinas.

Tune in next week to hear about some fantastic Lenten meals!

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