Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Whatevah! I do what I want!

Cartman pretty much sums up our society when he says this.

My friend Emily linked to a blog discussing women's swimwear. HOOBOY. There's nothing that gets a good fight going on better than bikinis. And for every person out there that has a sensible reaction, there are always those that respond with "I DO WHAT I WANT!"

Let's look at a few gems from the comments:

"Just because I decide to show off my skin it doesn't mean I'm inviting men to come and stare at me. If a man can't control his mind, then that's not my problem..."

"If a guy is aroused by seeing me walk around in a bikini, as far as I see it, that's his problem."

And my favorite of all:

"What is the difference from your statement above and that of a man who rapes a woman and says, 'well the way she was dressed she was just asking for it'?"

Ha! Good ol' slippery slopes. Great for water slides, bad for logical arguments.

The entire attitude behind all of this is, "Nothing I do has any affect on anyone whatsoever, so I can do whatever I want and if someone else has a problem because of it, then it's completely their fault."

Not only is this a very self-centered viewpoint, it is entirely erroneous. Our actions, even small actions, have a strong effect on others. You may be having a bad day, and answer the cashier shortly. The cashier, in turn, gets a bit snippy with the next customer, who is already miserable over something and is now miserable for the rest of the day. They can't get away from it! What did they do to deserve that treatment? Nothing, but thanks to your, ah, "lack of self control", someone had a horrible day, without even a nice cashier to make them feel slightly better. Does it sound extreme? Perhaps a bit. But it's something that genuinely happens in real life.

And so it is with the way we females dress. When they say "guys are visual" they don't mean "guys like the way women look". They mean "Guys see women with cleavage showing AND THAT IMAGE IS IN THERE FOREVER." God may give them the grace to fight off that image, they may be genuinely godly men that struggle to take control of their thoughts and keep themselves pure, but the fact is, it's still there. So, knowing what men struggle with, we promptly tell them "well keep struggling" as we strut off with our cheeks hanging out, knowing that if our looks cause anyone to stumble, it's entirely their fault because they don't have enough self-control.

My question for the people with this attitude is this: When someone treats them badly (i.e. the cashier), and they get angry and have hateful thoughts, do they blame those hateful thoughts on the people who treated them ill, or on themselves, since they didn't have enough self-control to get rid of the hateful thoughts?

Disclaimer: But really one pieces aren't even much better. It shall be ladies' swim trunks this summer for me.

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