Thursday, June 13, 2013

And then some days you just post dumb pictures

An excerpt from Sanditon by Jane Austen:

‘Oh! no no’—exclaimed Sir Edward in an extasy. ‘He was all ardour and Truth!—His Genius and his Susceptibilities might lead him into some Aberrations—But who is perfect?—It were Hyper-criticism, it were Pseudo-philosophy to expect from the soul of high toned Genius, the grovellings of a common mind.—The Coruscations of Talent, elicited by impassioned feeling in the breast of Man, are perhaps incompatible with some of the prosaic Decencies of Life;—nor can you, loveliest Miss Heywood (speaking with an air of deep sentiment)—nor can any Woman be a fair Judge of what a Man may be propelled to say, write or do, by the sovereign impulses of illimitable Ardour.’

A comment on Lutheran Satire's video about evangelicals:

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