Wednesday, August 7, 2013

100 Themes Challenge-Break Away

     “It is time!” she said, lifting her voice above the crowd. “It is time to throw off our oppression!” The crowd roared in approval, raising their fists in the air, showing their solidarity for their leader. She would guide them. She would show them how to fight.
     “For too long have the tyrants held sway over us! Our movements are restricted, our food rationed! We have enforced labor, enforced curfew! We cannot go where we like with who we like! It is time that this ended!”
     “Who will lead us after?” one asked, concern showing in his face.
     “No one will lead us!” she said, her eyes full of fervor. “We will govern ourselves as we like! We will not be told—”
     “Janie, it’s time to go.”
     Everyone turned to stare at the woman standing there.
     “No, tyrant, we shall—”
     The woman cocked an eyebrow.
     “Er…never mind Mom. I’ll just…uh…”
     Janie stepped down from the picnic table and quietly followed her mother, who was trying to hide a smirk.
     “I’m never letting you watch Kids Next Door again,” she said, the smirk finally showing.
     “Wait till I’m 18,” Janie replied, smiling as well.
     “Then you’ll be calling me every week for money.”

     “Yeah. I guess so.”

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