Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Five Things I Liked About The Avengers

In lieu of a review, I decided to make a note of the high and low points of the latest Avengers film. Without further ado...

Five Things I Liked About The Avengers

5.) Black Widow's escape scene

     When Black Widow is first shown in the movie, she is tied up and being threatened. However, during the interrogation, she gets a phone call, which all find very annoying. However, she discovers that she has somewhere to be, so she promptly beats everyone up and leaves, meaning she could have done that at any time. Why didn't she? I guess it just wasn't as fun.

Well that was boring. Now what?

4.) Everyone thinks Captain America is casually racist

     I admit, I didn't catch what was actually going on at first either. Nick Fury brings Mr. Rogers (heh heh) to the ship, and he hands Nick Fury a ten. Hill has this horrified look on her face as she watches. It looks for all the world like Captain America is "tipping the help" (he is from the 40's after all). In a previous scene, however, Nick Fury bet him $10 that he would be surprised at what was going on. Nick won the bet, but now everyone thinks Captain America is a dirty racist jerk. Poor guy just doesn't catch a break.

3.) Tony Stark and Pepper Potts are adorable together

     No, really, they are.

2.) Tony Stark's one-liners

     Iron Man gets the best lines every time. Here are a few gems:

*You have reached the life model decoy of Tony Stark, please leave a message.

*Well, performance issues, it's not uncommon. One out of five...

*Yeah. It's seen a bit of "mileage" and you got the "glow-stick of destiny". Would you like a drink?

*Like Christmas, but with more... *me.*

*It's good to meet you, Dr. Banner. Your work on anti-electron collisions is unparalleled. And I'm a huge fan of the way you lose control and turn into an enormous green rage monster.

1.) Loki.

     Just Loki.

     The poor guy was practically written to be leather pants fodder. He's a magnificent bastard, he can actually fight, he has daddy issues but spends so much money on hair gel that he can't afford Asgardian therapy. Yet when he is finally, finally defeated, his response to it is, "Can I have that drink now?" He's evil yet strangely huggable, sort of like my kitten Frenzy.

"Kneel! I said kneel! No, don't--NOT THE CUDDLES! NOT THE CUDDLES!"

Tune in next time for the five things I didn't like about The Avengers.

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  1. I loved the damsel-in-distress subversion with Black Widow when you realize that she is getting information from them! Also I never noticed the subtle racism joke with Captain America. Hilarious. I'll have to watch it again and pay attention.