Saturday, September 14, 2013

Series Review: BBC's Sherlock

So I got to see the BBC series Sherlock. And I must say, I was impressed with how they updated the series, although I can’t agree with all their decisions. Here, Sherlock is shown to be a “functioning sociopath”, although his behavior seems to be more along the lines of Asperger’s the sociopathy. They seem to emphasize this aspect a great deal; however, I always got the impression that the Holmes from the book is more impatient with social mores than ignorant of them.

On the other hand, his character, for the most part, remains unchanged. He’s a show-off when it comes to his intellect, and clearly doesn’t care who it offends.

Watson remains most true to the book. Martin Freeman seems to have made a career of playing the confused everyman (Arthur Dent, Bilbo Baggins, John Watson), and to his credit he does it well. In this universe he keeps a blog of Sherlock’s cases, and this is also how they advertise (although Sherlock finds it annoying at first). Watson is his usual reliable self, although unlike many incarnations he’s closer to the original-he’ll happily berate Holmes if he has to.

Mycroft was a surprise. This is partly because they chose an actor who looks more like the description of Moriarty. And you just know they did that on purpose. Curiously, they have chosen to have the brothers in an ongoing feud, though I hardly know why.

Moriarty…oh dear Lord, what did they do to the master criminal? Moriarty is not at all his smooth, calm, calculating self. Here he is a manic, slightly squeaky (no, really, I can’t stand his voice) little twerp who appears to have some sort of crazed boy-crush on Holmes.

This does not seem anything like the man who, “When he put his hand on my shoulder as we were parting, it was like a father's blessing before you go out into the cold, cruel world."

Anyways, if you discount the not!Moriarty, the series itself is pretty good, and in keeping with the spirit of the books. The storylines all run at about an hour and a half, so they’re more like short movies than episodes. But they’ll definitely keep your attention.

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