Thursday, October 17, 2013

100 Themes Challenge-Breathe Again

     Nerves. Her hands shook. Would it be tonight? Would it even happen at all? She wasn’t sure. Thus, the nerves.
     It seemed like it would. She didn’t imagine his regard. But had she? Uncertainty. Her eyeliner smeared across her face, and she swiped it away. Maybe she should keep it simple.
     It wasn’t as though she was hoping too soon, she thought as she hurried to answer the knock at the door. It had been almost a year. But had it been too long? She didn’t want to be one of those women, always waiting around for what would never come.
     But they usually waited for far longer than a year. So this was okay…right?
     What was she eating? She couldn’t remember ordering. Had she gotten all that eyeliner off? She had to run to the bathroom to make sure.
     No one would stick around this long without some end plan in mind, right? It wasn’t as though he was getting any extra benefit, as some guys did. And he hadn’t tried to wear her down either.
     Or maybe he didn’t want anything more. But why not?
     Now her imagination was running away with her. Time to get back to reality.
    He wasn’t ready to go home just yet. A walk…by the river? On a moonlit night? What could be more perfect?
     Too perfect. Too high expectations?
     But no…he was starting to stutter a bit. Stutter? He had never stuttered. She saw his legs begin to bend…
     A crash. The trash can near the bench fell over. He wobbled, unbalanced...
     The river, she hoped, wasn’t too cold, and she was grabbing at his hand, water starting to soak her as well as he scrambled out. He stood there, dripping wet, and suddenly they were both laughing, the tension broken, and he pulled a box out of his coat jacket to make sure it was okay, and she may have said yes but she was too busy laughing to notice.

     What need was there to put up more obstacles just because others did? They walked on, soaked, hand in hand, while a raccoon peered out from the bushes, curious.

A/N: Getting this one out of the way because IT IS OCTOBER AND EVERYTHING MUST BE SCARY. :D

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