Tuesday, October 22, 2013

100 Themes Challenge: Insanity

     I saw it again last night. It was almost 3 in the morning, and I had decided to try to sleep, and lay there in bed, tossing and turning and trying to make the mattress conform to the contours of my body, cursing at the cold air that never seemed to leave, even during summer, and then it had come.
     The closet opened. I specifically remember the closet door opening, because I always keep the closet door shut, and it opened. It latches, so it couldn’t have accidentally fallen open. It opened.
     Now, now, even if the closet had accidentally fallen open, you can’t explain those claws. There’s nothing in my closet that resembles long claws, and those claws were very long. They clutched the edge of the door, and now how could anything in my closet do that? They clutched the door, and shoved it open farther. That door did not accidentally fall open.
     I decided to pretend to be asleep. I had a feeling it wouldn’t bother me if it thought I was asleep. It stepped out onto the floor, and I heard its claws clicking. I have a hardwood floor, you see, so that clicking was very real. It walked over to the bed, and its claws got stuck in the rug I keep on the floor. You can see the rips, right there, so I can’t have imagined that! It climbed onto the bed and sat there, staring at me.
     God, you should see its eyes. So big, and black, and wrong. It can see in my mind when it looks at me, I know it can. I had my eyes slightly open, like a cat. I’ve learned to sleep like that since the thing started showing up. I don’t know what it wants.
     It whispers to me, though. I…didn’t record that. But how can you question that after everything else I have to prove it’s all true? But it whispers to me. Sometimes I think I know what it's saying, but then I forget right after.
     It sits there, all night, watching me sleep. Sometimes I wonder if it wants me to open my eyes, so it can kill me.

    But I’m not sure. Maybe it’s guarding me? Perhaps, perhaps this thing, this thing wants to protect me from something even worse in the closet? Perhaps it’s my hideous guardian angel? Perhaps I should open my eyes tomorrow night, and see its horrible glory. It wants me to serve it. I will serve it. It’s a beautiful thing, so different from humans, always present, always with me, never turning its back on me. Yes…tomorrow night I will open my eyes, and I will dedicate myself, and I will serve…

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