Wednesday, October 30, 2013

100 Themes Challenge: Questioning

Transcript from police interrogation of Mr. M.A., about a quarter of the way through. Names and locations have been removed for the purposes of this study.

Detective K: Are you ready to answer my questions, Mr. A?

Mr. A: What questions? You saw what happened! Look at me! How could I possibly do that?

Detective K: We’re just trying to arrive at the truth, Mr. A. Where were you the night of March 7th ____, at 1:42 AM?

Mr. A: I told you. I told you before. I don’t remember. It’s all a blank.

Detective K: That’s a big blank to fill, Mr. A.

Mr. A: What else am I supposed to say? I remember nothing! Send me to a headshrinker if you have to but I can’t remember anything!

Detective K: How much of March 7th do you remember, Mr. A?

Mr. A: I…I remember most of it. I know I went to work, and came home, and had dinner with…with S (wife’s name removed).

Detective K: So you remember up to dinner?

Mr. A: I…I know I went upstairs to bed early. And that’s it.

Detective K: No recollection of the night, then?

Mr. A: I told you no! Next thing I know I’m on the lawn covered in blood and you people have your guns pointed at me!

Detective K: Tell me, Mr. A, have you ever had a problem with sleep walking?

Mr. A: …no.

Detective K: Memory loss?

Mr. A: Not till now!

Detective K: This is an interest problem, Mr. A. We no doubt will send a psychiatrist to evaluate you, but until then, let us ask this question. Why did you go to the trouble of scrubbing your fingerprints off everything around your wife’s body yet leave yourself covered in her blood?


Detective K: That’s an interesting assessment, Mr. A. You certainly weren’t wearing gloves when we found you.


Detective K: Your wife was having psychiatric issues of her own, I understand.

Mr. A: What does that have to do with anything?

Detective K: Seeing things, thinking people were following her…

Mr. A: She had a reaction to her blood pressure medication!

Detective K: According to our records, when you were at work she called us several times a week to report a “strange man in a suit” standing outside the living room window. That must have been quite wearing on you.

Mr. A: She just needed a psychiatrist. I told her to go.

Detective K: But she didn’t, did she? And you got increasingly frustrated. Maybe you were even afraid that her problems were “catching”. Being around that all the time…

Mr. A: I wanted to help her! I wouldn’t have done this!

Detective K: Why don’t you try to remember a little harder, Mr. A? It would be the best for everyone.

Mr. A: I told you, I remember absolutely nothing! Except…

Detective K: What is that Mr. A?

Mr. A: Nothing.

Detective K: You’re done talking then?

Mr. A: No, it’s…

(Here there is a brief silence on the recording, along with some static which may be due to a flaw on the tape.)

Mr. A: Well, I woke up around 12:30.

Detective K: Really? But you didn’t remember it before.

Mr. A: You’re going to think I’m crazy.

Detective K: Go on.

Mr. A: I thought I saw the man my wife talked about. In the hallway.

Detective K: Ah. Now you have an alibi. A fictional man in a suit.

(Here, the recording experiences technical issues.)

Detective K: Is it back up?

Unknown Officer: Yep.

Detective K: Okay, to get back to what we were talking about…Mr. A?

Mr. A: No…no not again…

Detective K: Officer (name removed), I think we may need some help.

Mr. A: Please…just leave us alone…I won’t tell anymore…

(There are bursts of static throughout the rest of the recording.)

Detective K: Mr. A, please take your seat…Mr. A…


Detective K: Mr. A, what are you lookin—WHAT IS THAT? WHAT IN GOD'S NAME IS THAT?? GET AWAY FROM ME!

Mr. A: No no no no no no…

(Here, the recording becomes too distorted to hear properly, except for some intermittent screaming.)

Mr. A. was charged with first degree murder, both of his wife and of Detective K. It is unknown at this time how he was able to sneak a knife into the interrogation room. Those officers that were on the scene have been questioned thoroughly but none seem to have a connection to Mr. A.

A week later, our division arrived at (Name Removed) Police Department and confiscated all documents relating to the case. The recording, the transcript, and accompanying have been filed under “Unknown Phenomenon”. High-level security only.

Notes: Those working on this case have been experiencing headaches, nosebleeds, and intense paranoia. Dr. G in the psychiatric division has been called in to study the phenomena, and employees involved have been asked to record their physical and mental state for further research. We will most likely have to either hire new employees or transfer from other cases within a few weeks.

-Dr. Y

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