Monday, October 21, 2013

Book Review: The Ice Limit by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

Sam McFarlane is a disgraced scientist working as a meteorite hunter. However, in the middle of a search, he is approached by millionaire Palmer Lloyd, who says Sam’s ex-partner found one of the largest meteorites ever discovered on a remote island in Chile. Lloyd wants Sam’s help in studying the meteorite and removing it to Lloyd’s future museum. Along with Eli Glinn, owner of an engineering company specializing in “complicated” problems, they form a plan to remove the meteorite without the Chilean government finding out. However, once down there, they run into several complications-a gung-ho Chilean naval officer and the revelation that the meteorite may be much more than that…
The Ice Limit was written by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child, the geniuses behind the Pendergast series. They combine their knowledge of seamanship and the ability to write edge-of-your-seat thrillers with a touch of sci-fi for an intriguing book. As with all their books, their characters seem to leap off the page, fully formed, including the secondary characters. They’re also good at nailing the dynamics between characters-from Lloyd’s well-meaning but supercilious treatment of everyone, to the quietly budding romance between Glinn and the ship’s captain, Sally Britton.

As with all their books, we have several connections. Glinn plays a role in their Diogenes trilogy, helping Pendergast uncover his past to defeat his psychotic brother. Palmer Lloyd was a possible employer for Nora, and there is a small ruby meteorite in Pendergast’s inherited New York mansion, indicating that the one in this book is not the only one. The most egregious shout-out is in Still Life with Crows, where Corrie is reading “Return to the Ice Limit”-a book which they say we will soon get in real life.

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