Saturday, October 12, 2013

Emma Approved-Initial Reaction

After The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, the fanbase was frothing at the mouth. Really, I'm sure there are actual pictures of fans frothing at the mouth. In order to allay the frothing, Team GreenSu (shut up, I like name combos) gave us a web adaptation of Sanditon. Sanditon was the last novel Jane Austen worked on before her death, and remained uncompleted. Everyone had high hopes for the series, as its incomplete status gave the creators wiggle room to take the storyline their own way.

Welcome to Sanditon was promptly taken over by badly-done fan videos and rather divergent storylines. While at the end it was clear they only took the book as far as it had been completed by Jane Austen, the reaction was disappointment.

So, when Emma Approved was announced, reactions were mixed. I was excited to see a new Emma adaptation (Emma being one of my favorites-you can't choose just one favorite Austen book, you know), but I was still concerned. Would Domino fan videos take over again? Would the plot be coherent? Would there even be a plot??

So, it was with a mixture of excitement and caution that I watched the first video. I will let the Doctor demonstrate my general reaction, before and after viewing the video.


We've only had two videos and a few blog posts, but so far GreenSu have hit the nail on the head. Emma is bright, charming, and completely egotistical (complete with wink noise every time she winks!) And Knightley has so far come in on both videos for what appears to be the purpose of Trolling EmmaTM.

So far, I'm enjoying this. We're already seeing Emma's best-laid plans falling apart, and with her usual pigheadedness she is completely ignoring it. I suspect this is going to be a very amusing series.

Speaking of Doctor Who, I discovered a twitter known as Hipster Dalek. This is completely unrelated to Emma, except they both believe themselves to be superior lifeforms, and it would be amusing to try to start a crack pairing, call it DalEmma, and see how many people would actually go along with it.

I have a warped imagination.

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