Thursday, October 24, 2013


That's right, I'm still watching scary things on YouTube, and astonishingly enough, some of them do not involve Slendy. Amazing!

Keratin Garden-Story just wants to make nail tutorials on YouTube. With the help of her two friends, she gets off to a good start, but then someone sends her fingernails as a gift, and this strange tall guy keeps showing up in odd places…

This has a good build-up, and furthermore gives us an extra mystery. Currently, Story is trying to remember what happened during her period of “psychosis” (read: implied proxification) by following the clues left by the Black Dog, who you need to read about because he is awesome. (I know he’s supposed to be scary but WAGGY-TAILED ELDRITCH HORROR IS WAGGY-TAILED)

Walking with Giants-Jackie and Erin want to showcase the nature trails near their house. Genre savvy viewers know precisely how good an idea this is, and when Erin disappears Jackie must face her fears to save her sister. This is another good one, with connections to the Jack and the Beanstalk story. The acting is a bit…over the top, but overall the series is excellent.

AU Haunt-A group of friends decide to make their own ghost-hunting vlog, showing off the haunted areas around their Australian town. But someone keeps leaving strange notes for them, and they’re starting to get worried…

This has had a very slow build-up, with only a hint here and there as to what is going on. But apart from the fact it is meant to be a Slendy vlog, this is a genuinely interesting look at some of the places in Australia. If one didn’t know what it was supposed to be, it would still be a good “ghost hunter” series.

Also, bonus points for random distraction by lizard.

3 Wolves-Three high school friends film their antics before one has to go off to basic. But hijinks swiftly ensue, Slendy keeps popping up in random places, a mutual friend disappears after babbling about a “garden tool” (lolrakelol), and there are also a lot of nosebleeds. They do a good job of combining jump scares, subtle horror, and an element of mystery.

Whispered Faith-Lee keeps hearing odd noises coming from within his house. He thinks it’s just rats, but it’s something much worse. Throw in some insane cultists and a book that can’t be burned, and you have a recipe for disaster. This one focuses on the Rake and the cult’s attempts at being super-serial about worshipping monsters.


The unnamed narrator was sent a bunch of SD cards and an external hard drive from an old acquaintance of his, dated to shortly before Nick's disappearance. Nick and Austin decided to poke around a local cemetery, despite the warnings of Nick’s brother Mark, and something followed them home. This one has a very tense atmosphere, with very subtle, paranormal activity-style scares. (And there are cultists. There are always cultists.) 

So if you're like me and don't actually want to attend parties on Halloween in which people in stupid costumes get drunk and behave even dumber than usual, then here is something for you to do.

(Or you can dress up as a zombie and chase people down the street. That too.)

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