Sunday, November 10, 2013

Thankfulness Day 10

Well, let's get this one over with. Bacon.

Of course I'm thankful for bacon. It's sort of a given.

Certain persons seem to think the Internet's obsession with bacon is overblown, but I feel that it is just giving words to what many of us feel. Sure, overconsumption of bacon can be bad for you, but so can overconsumption of anything. 

Just think about taking a bite of perfectly cooked bacon-not too floppy, not too crunchy (see also: Grandfathers, burning bacon), just perfect. 

Adding bacon to a dish suddenly makes that dish 20% tastier. 

Put bacon grease on top of a roast and let it melt and cook over that roast. BEST ROAST EVER.

Turkey bacon just doesn't do it. Sure, it works for those poor people that don't eat pork, but it just doesn't have the same kick.

Never forget your gratitude for bacon.

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