Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Thankfulness Day 13

As you may have noticed, I work at a library. The reason I work at a library is because LIBRARIES ARE FREAKING AWESOME.

I got my first library card when I was five years old. I felt so special holding that thing. It was my super-magic-wizard key to all manner of books.

I had so much fun running around the library. I even played around with the microfiche reader upstairs, even though it was more just "flip through and look at the old picture from the newspapers" as opposed to, you know, reading them.

I was always excited for library day at school. I'd come away with a huge stack of books that surprised exactly no one. And, naturally, I would brag about how often my Book-It pin filled up, and how DELEEECIOUS the Pizza Hut pizza was. (Seriously, those people who say rewarding behavior a kid already likes will decrease their motivation do not know the power of a pan pizza.)

Anyways, the library was also a source of comfort to me. During high school, after three periods worth of loud people, I would eat lunch quickly, then go to the library. Most of the time the door was locked, but Mrs. Hendricks always forgot to lock the side door. I would go hide behind the stacks and read, and the last class of the day was always that much more bearable.

Then the other kids noticed I found a way in, and they promptly used it to come inside and play on Facebook, and Mrs. Hendricks started locking both doors. CURSES.

When I first moved up to the Quad Cities, and before I found a job (and when I was between jobs) I would spend a great deal of time at the library. It was quiet, and warm (I liked that part during the winter), and a good place to get away and write.

Then I got my job, and realized that I really did want to spend my life working at a library in some capacity or another. Who says you have to get a job you hate?

So let's be thankful for libraries, founts of knowledge, and hang-out spots for the type of people who think we're actually in another dimension. (HERE'S TO YOU CUBS GUY.)

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