Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thankfulness Day 14


I know, I know, totally random.

But candles.

I really love good-smelling candles. Especially the ones that actually fill the air with a scent instead of just kind of filling the two square inches around them with scent. I remember back in youth Bible study, it was almost a ritual to pass around the apple-cinnamon candle and smell it before getting started. (It was a strange Bible study.) When going through the candle aisle of the store, I have to stop and smell them.

There's something about the soft light of a candle that makes everything seem cozier. Last Christmas (and now this Christmas too) I put up a battery-powered candle (no real candles in the window-either the curtains or the kitten would catch fire). No lights, nothing else. Just the candle. I liked the effect. It was worthy of an Alabama song.

When I was in the middle of my super-organizing-everything project, I found a box from the church rummage sale. From LAST YEAR. Inside the box was four pretty candles, and as it turns out, they smell good! It's sort of a melon-y smell, and melons are delicious. They had green ribbons on them, but Frenzy kept eating the ribbons so finally I took them off. (Frenzy sulked for a while when she saw this.)

So hooray for scented candles, unless you're seriously trying not to eat sweets, at which point the smell of pie will become maddening.

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