Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Thankfulness Day 20

When I was about...oh, ten years old, I decided it would be a grand idea to get my hair cut short.

Why this deranged thought entered my mind is anyone's guess, but it was there, and being a ten year old, I had it done.

Unfortunately it was the kind of hair cut grown women wear, which looked weird. The other unfortunate part?

My slightly wavy hair grew out into GIGANTIC HERMIONE CURLS. Gaaa where did this come from? How--? Why--?

It didn't matter. The thick, insane curls were there, and they weren't going away.

So I wore a ponytail for the next 8 years, except for an interlude where I attempted to blow dry my hair straight every day. (Or, rather, made Mom do it-I'm not holding a blow dryer up that long!) And then I kept stealing Kim's straightener for my hair during my year at Bluefield. 

Then, I arrived in the Quad Cities, and found, to my surprise...a lot of people with big curly hair, most specifically Barb and Jewell. How did their hair look so fantabulous? Well, Jewell introduced me to the book called "Curly Girl".

OOHHHHH. Shampoo dries the hair out. SO CONDEETIONER IS BETTER

OOOHHHH. Brushing your hair makes it fluffy. (Why I didn't figure this out over the last 8 years is anyone's guess.)

My fumbling beginnings at doing things dry curly hair likes took off, and then I discovered the Naturally Curly website.

There are so many things about hair people never think about, until you start having issues with it. I discovered that my scalp problems weren't really dandruff, but a combination of build-up from silicone-heavy products and dry scalp (which is not, and never will be, the same as dandruff). I found some conditioners free of silicones, and I found Herbal Essence mousse which can simply be rinsed out, no shampoo necessary.

To emphasize just how awesome my discovery of this entire underworld of curly hair information is, let me show you a before and after picture:



So today I am thankful for curly hair, my curly friends, and the Naturally Curly website.

Now I just have to worry about looking like Bellatrix when my hair comes out of its braid during the night.


  1. Somebody would'nt have had short hair if they had listened to their mother. And I always told you the hair dryer was a bad thing.....especially with exceedingly thick hair like yours. Btw, dad & Rick had to fight the dry scalp too. They found a way to cure it.....go bald....hahahahaha! Image of you bald is way too!

    1. I think I'll just deal with the dry scalp...