Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thankfulness Day 21

You know what's really awesome? Music. Music has played a really really big part in human history. The Bible, for example, is filled with references to people "making a joyful noise". The moment people realized they could make pretty sounds with their voices (and whatever else they could find), they started doing it.

I started out with fairly limited musical experience. It was either A.) Bluegrass and hymns, or B.) Mom put her David Bowie record on again! Silly Mom!

Oh, Seventies. You so silly.

Then, I discovered Carmen. No, not the opera. I wasn't that cultured. I discovered Carmen the Christian singer.

ZOMG. I WAS LISTENING TO "RAP" MUSIC. TEEHEE. (Oh, the mind of a nine year old.)

After that, I realized that there was Other Music out there. I started out with classic rock, because I figured, hey, we're already listening to David Bowie, right?


I moved into more rock music, as well as getting back into country (when it didn't sound exactly like "guy with acoustic guitar" songs).

But then, after that, I discovered...wait for it...



The purveyor of all that is dark about the world. The music featured on a Law and Order episode to inform us that the perpetrator was REALLY REALLY EVIL. I can't let anyone hear me listening to--

Oh wait, Mom wants a copy of my Metallica CD. Ah.

I've sampled more and more types of music over the years (especially during the Cursed Music Appreciation Class), and I'm glad of it. Right now, I have a YouTube playlist full of "classical" music (as in, instrumental, not the actual genre of classical, although some of that too), songs composed for movie trailers (SO EPIC), rock, pop, country, folk and bluegrass, all kinds. Music arguments are dumb to me. I listen to what I like.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to get back to Haydn, and maybe after that I'll pull up some Red.

Because if there's one thing that makes me grateful for music, it's that I can use it to confuse people.

Well at least we can move on to the eight--OH COME ON BOWIE THIS IS A KID'S MOVIE SERIOUSLY


  1. Are you really making fun of David Bowie? Seriously Erica.....He's awesome! And he did a most excellent job in Labrynth! Ok, I guess I'll have to just call you weird, then. Btw, the best album/tape/cd ever made was One Stormy Night,,,,excellent sleepy time music! Love ya sweetpea!

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  3. I say. That Bowie fellow certainly has some fashion sense.

  4. Oh, the 1500s and their love of cod pieces...