Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thankfulness Day 27

You know what people think is weird? An adult watching children's cartoons voluntarily, without having any children actually around. People seem to think you're, at best, a bit eccentric, and at worst, some sort of child predator. (That's mainly reserved for men, though.)

But you know what? I don't care. The new My Little Pony is far more interesting than most of the shows on TV today. Don't talk to me about weird when you're watching women with too much lip plumper parading around in overly-revealing dresses screeching at each other about trivial nonsense and generally showing off their inability to function like decent human beings for any length of time. (I hate getting stuck with the treadmill right in front of one of the five hundred TVs showing some manner of "housewives" show.)

So, keep your plastic alien people who have no concept of human relationships. Sure, I watch a show for children, so the morals are a bit simplistic. But it's sad when a bunch of brightly colored ponies know how to behave better than adults. I mean, come on. They're non-existent. You don't really get much sadder than being a worse person than a non-existent pink pony.

I think I lost that metaphor. TIME TO WATCH PONIES AND Q.

No, really, it makes perfect sense.

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