Friday, November 8, 2013

Thankfulness Day 8

You can't choose your family. Unless they're just so outrageously horrifyingly dysfunctional that they make Jerry Springer's guests look sane, you're pretty much stuck with them. (If they are that horrifyingly dysfunctional, the best option is to run far, far away.) However, most families are only mostly strange.

I'm grateful for my mostly strange family.

I'm grateful for my dad, who can somehow imitate Steve Urkel and is rapidly becoming a Crazy Cat Man.

I'm grateful for my mom, who texts me five hundred times a day to make sure I'm still alive, and excels at giving impromptu rants. (She's like a meaner Dr. Laura.)

I'm grateful for my brother, who passed on his odd sense of humor to me, and who does such things as make trailers for his lesson plans.

I'm grateful for my granddad, who is also very good at impromptu rants, usually at the dinner table, and usually ending with inaccurate ethnic slurs for the sole purpose of trolling. (He's like a meaner Jim Fisher.)

I'm grateful for my family up here.

I'm grateful for Ray's studied determination to find a pun in everything.

I'm grateful for Barb's ever-present advice, and really awesome lunch bag drawings.

I'm grateful for John's impromptu song-writing abilities. (Especially when done in Whitey's, to the entertainment of all.)

I'm grateful for Kelli's chirpiness, and our various and sundry movie nights.

I'm also grateful for George the Cat, though I can't remember why, since all she does is yowl when you try to pet her, then yowl when you stop petting her.

Never mind. That's why.

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  1. Don't forget, dad can do a most excellent Marvin the Martian! And grandad tells excellent scary stories....And Erica has the power to calm her mother....most of the time. Oh! Wait! You did'nt mention yourself. Oh well. Love ya, babe!