Monday, December 9, 2013

100 Themes Challenge: Rainbow

     “This is stupid,” Candy said. “You can’t follow a rainbow to its end. It’s light refraction. It doesn’t really have an end.”
     “Does so!” her little brother shouted, and ran on ahead. Jared was a stupid kid, anyways. The day before he’d become convinced there was some sort of “portal” on the bridge at the park. He ran back and forth for ten minutes before Candy dragged him back home. Her stupid parents just laughed and said all little kids were like that. Well, Candy had never been like that. She’d always been too sensible for this idiocy.
     “Jared, we’re going home. I’m leaving without you!” she said. Jared ignored her still staring up at the rainbow in the sky. To be fair, it did look pretty close. But it wasn’t.
     By this time, they were getting pretty far away from the houses along their street. Candy figured Jared was going to run right into someone’s field without thinking, and hurried to keep up. She saw where he was headed. There was an old broken-down shed sitting in the middle of the closest field, and it looked like the rainbow ended there. That was where Jared would go, because he was an idiot kid.
     “Jared, don’t go into that field! That’s someone’s property! Get back here!”
     “Scaredy-cat!” Jared yelled back. Candy snarled under her breath and marched after him. If the guy who owned the place came out, she’d just explain she was trying to catch her brother. She wouldn’t be the one in trouble…
     She pushed through the tall grass, watching her brother’s blond head bobbing up and down. Mom and Dad had to listen now. They had to see that letting him run off like this couldn’t be good. He’d probably get himself kidnapped some day trying to find magic beans, or something stupid like that.
     She shoved past the last clump of grass, and arrived at the shed. Jared was standing outside, staring in, an odd expression on his face.
     “Candy…?” he said hesitantly.
     “Yes, I’m here. And now we’re going.”
     “Candy, there’s a horse in here…”
     “Of course there’s a horse, Jared. It’s a damn farm. There’s going to be horses. Now…”
     Candy paused at the entrance to the shed, and saw what had confused Jared so much.
     It took her a moment to understand what she was looking at, because what she was looking at shouldn’t be possible.
     The rainbow did end in the shed. It filtered right through a hole in the top, all the way down to the floor.
     And standing beside the rainbow was a horse, munching at some hay that was left inside.
     This wouldn’t have been all that strange, except for one thing.

     The horse had eight legs.

A/N: There was an adorable picture of Sleipnir giving Loki a Mother's Day card but I can't find it now. Alas.

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