Thursday, January 2, 2014

And now, a word from the author

Having a cold makes my mind do funny things.

I'm always saying words on here. And I'm going to say more than one word. In fact, I already have.


I became slightly better at, you know, actually keeping up with this blog; however, I kept getting behind with my book reviews, and I do like writing those as soon as possible after I'm done. Therefore, I'm going to get caught up with my reviews before seriously reading anything for said reviews. That said, I'm going to read White Fire whether or not I can read aloud to Dale, because the idea of a Pendergast book sitting around being unread is painful to me.

So, blog goals this year: Write my reviews in a more timely fashion; continue work on the 100 Themes, for great writing practice; continue with Parody 5, because I'm just having fun with those.

As for my personal goals, well, I sort of fell off the wagon health-wise these past few weeks. Being in the middle of a move makes it difficult to find time (or space) to exercise, and it's the holiday season, which means that work is naturally filled with all this food that is very bad for you, but just sits there and calls to you until you eat it.

So, this year: I will take my own snacks to work every day, and make sure they are substantial enough that I'm not getting hungry; exercise three times a week, since doing it every day seemed to just accelerate burn-out; work on my writing apart from this blog and 100 Themes, for great publishing ambitions; read more; and try to do all this while catching up with Doctor Who, because let me tell you that show is addictive.

Now, I'm going to go nurse this badly-timed cold and watch as my kitten attempts to climb into the box I had to lay on its side because she kept jumping in and getting stuck.

Yo Frenzy, I herd u liek boxes...

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