Friday, January 10, 2014

"And then the author was never heard from again..."

So I disappeared. At least from this blog. I've still been existing. At least I think I have. (It's easy to start questioning one's existence after marathoning Night Vale.)

So first off, we moved last weekend. We are now in a house (okay, half a house) with random stray cats in our basement across from the grocery store in a small town that only has one stop light, and that stop light is really just a red light dangling over a four-way stop to remind people that they're supposed to stop at four-way stops.

However, there was a...complication. See, I had a bit of a cold. After wandering around in the snow and icy air for hours, that cold developed into a full-blown sinus infection that had me questioning my existence. (Or maybe that was the Night Vale marathon...) I was too sick to leave the house and so wallowed in misery for several days, and after that it was enough to go to work and back. Also we have a problem of no Internet.

But here I am, ensconced in the Stanford's warm house because I don't fancy driving 50 minutes to get to work by 8:30 in the morning while the roads are covered in ice. (CURSE YOU POLAR VORTEX) There is Internet, and there is warmth, and I just discovered there will be pizza, which is of course amazing.

All this to say...I am not dead (possibly) and I will not be posting again until next weekend, when we sell our souls to Mediacom.

This may or may not be the CEO of Mediacom.

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  1. My poor little sweetpea. You are not allowed to get sick again this year! Love ya bunches!