Monday, February 24, 2014

Blog Under Construction

"So," I said to myself, "I should probably make my blog look nicer. I think the picture at the top should be smaller."

"I agree," I replied, and so I went to work on a cool picture.

Then I found out that Google automatically "enhances" colors, meaning my picture, which had a "Haunter in the Dark" feel, now looked like it had been taken in Ireland, because the grass had become unnaturally green.

And I found out the only way to make it stop was to, you guessed, SIGN UP FOR A GOOGLE PLUS ACCOUNT.

Why? Why is Google so obsessed with forcing it upon us? I have literally no use at all for Google Plus.

And, to make things work, every picture must now be given a title. Yeah. Because the blog title was not enough title for this place.

So, for now, the blog is under construction, and I must seriously consider whether or not to move over to WordPress, which at least doesn't punch you in the face every time you want to do something.


They're standing outside my window because I typed in "Google is going to take over the world" in the search bar.

Has anyone seen John Connor? I think we need John Connor.

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