Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Movie Review: Monsters University

     I think we need something lighthearted after that HORRIFIC DEFEAT OF DOOM.

     I admit, I cringed a little when I heard they were making a prequel to Monsters Inc. I have a fear of these sorts of things, because generally speaking, prequels and sequels are terrible.


     However, I was pleasantly surprised by this prequel. We begin with a tiny Mike Wazowski on a school tour to the Monsters Inc. factory, where he impresses one of the Scarers by sneaking into a child’s room without anyone noticing. This makes Mike determined to become a Scarer as well.

     He enrolls in Monsters University and is given a similarly nerdy roommate, Randall who is now at least 80% more adorable (the fangirl squeals were heard ‘round the world) with thick-rimmed glasses, but finds himself at odds with the Big Monster on Campus, Sully.

     I liked this little twist on the backstory. It develops the characters even more fully and actually explains the various relationships in the original movie much better. Randall might start out a nice guy, but he is weak and succumbs to peer pressure. Years of doing this lead to the horrible character we meet in the original. Sully is riding on his father’s reputation and must learn that he needs to put some effort into his life, which leads to the easy-going but hard-working guy we know and love.

     I also liked that the movie didn’t have the usual moral of “you can be whatever you want” often seen in these types of films. Although it was a foregone conclusion, Mike’s journey to understanding himself is the center of the movie. He really wasn’t cut out to be a Scarer at all; but he makes an excellent coach and assistant to Sully. Several of the characters actually learn to understand and use their true strengths. The movie shows that each occupation is necessary and praiseworthy.

     So, I’m happy to say that this really was an amazing prequel for Monsters Inc. It’s kid-friendly and fun for adults to watch as well.

The adorableness spawned a thousand fanfics.

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