Sunday, February 2, 2014


And lo, on that day did Lady Rowling speak blasphemy. And the Harmonians rejoiced, and a great mourning fell upon the Romionites, and the shipping wars began anew, with greater force than ever before. Mugglenet was annexed, and Canon Harbor bombed, and then did Michael Bay thus threaten to make an explosion-laden movie of the events...the Internet was a dark place indeed...

In other news, an army of salt shakers murdered Phil the groundhog today.

No one was sad at all.

Reports have confirmed that the salt shakers are making their way to the Broncos stadium. Word is that it involves some kind of "threat", although man-on-the-street interviews confirm that many people find them "cute" and they "just need hugs" and wonder if they "can keep them".

This is why the Daleks keep invading Earth.

More on this as events unfold.

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