Friday, February 14, 2014

Why Anti-Valentine's Day is a Dumb Idea

Look kids. Loook kids. KIDS. Pay attention here. You're already raging, you in your deliberately messy "lounging at home, look I have nowhere to go" outfit. You're mad at me. How could I say such a thing? I, the happily-married woman? Clearly I have no context with which to understand your emotional pain dislike of commercialized holidays.

Valentine's Day has become a day to celebrate romance. I could go into the commercialized aspect of it. Commercializing holidays is always something of a problem, but we already know that. No, I'm going into the group of people who are not angry at Valentine's Day for being commercialized, but simply for existing.

These are the people who do not have someone with which to celebrate romance. They find it personally offensive that other people do, and are actually flaunting that fact with their romantic counterparts. How trite! How unfair!

That is probably why you do not have someone with which to celebrate romance. Who wants to date someone who's going to sit around and complain about people having nice things they don't?

And you know what? I do have a clear context with which to understand your issues. Once everyone left elementary school, I didn't get Valentines, except from Mom and Dad. I was Charlie Brown, guys. And you know what? That can hurt sometimes. It can make you wonder what is so dreadfully wrong with you. But instead of focusing on that, I focused on the fact that I've yet to figure out how Mom got her pancakes heart-shaped without using a mold of any type. (I tried it once. They looked more like real hearts than cartoon ones.)

I didn't focus on what I didn't have. I focused on what interested me. And you know what? That works. (As long as your interests aren't in the realm of murdering your romantic counterparts. That too would explain your single-status.)

So, this Valentine's Day, instead of raging about the fact that people have something you don't, find something fun to do. Heck, you can totally ignore it if you want to. Make it just another day. Just stop trying to ruin things for everyone else just because you can't have it too.

Don't be this cat, guys. Don't be this cat.

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  1. Alas, I did'nt make the pancakes this year.....I was too excited about getting to go out! Yay me! Oh, and btw, it's a talent to be able to shape the pancakes how you want them. I shall make some & send them to you & Dale....or ya can come here & I'll make them fresh. Love ya sweetpea!