Saturday, March 15, 2014

100 Themes Challenge: Mother Nature

     She first arrived when the water came. There was no light, no sound, only the never-ending water. It was peaceful for her. She lay in the water and floated, enjoying the feeling of it against herself. She was in the water; she was the water.
     Then, one day, she could see the water. She did not know how, only that suddenly everything was quite bright. It was delightful to her, to see what she had floated in for so long. Even when the light dimmed, she could still see. After a while, she noticed something above her, that looked like another ocean.
     She continued to float, and sometimes swim. Then she bumped into something that wasn’t water. She felt it; it was hard and dry. She pulled herself out of the water, feeling the hard, dry stuff beneath her hands and feet. Some of it was looser, and she felt it scratch between her toes. She laughed, delighted by this new sensation. As she walked along, she noticed other things-they were solid too, but different. Some of it was rough to the touch, and some of it slick-and so colorful when there was light! Greens and reds and blues like the ocean and sky. Some of the things smelled so wonderful, and there were whole fields of these things. She loved to sit among them and enjoy the smell and the feel. Some of the things also were large and round-she saw one sitting on the ground, broken, and licked at the juice coming out. It was sweet and wonderful, and she loved it as well.
     One day, when she looked up at the big ocean, she saw something strange. A large yellow sphere-the source of the light! At night, there was a smaller white sphere, and tiny lights sparkling all around. She would lie in the fields of flowers, becoming a part of them, and gaze up at the many lights. She thought she liked night best. It was peaceful.
     Then, upon looking up long enough, she saw something move across the sky. Something with long feathers, soaring around. She thought a moment, then lifted up to see this creature. There were so many of them, and they were making such beautiful sounds! Then she looked back down at the other ocean, and saw so many strange things jumping out of it, splashing the water as she loved to do! How wonderful!
     There were other things too, all kinds of creatures that liked to live on the hard, dry place called land. Some of them ate the colorful rough things, and licked the juice like she had done. She watched it all with fascination, loving this place.
     Then, one day, she saw them. They seemed like her, but solid. They did not blend in and out with the things around them. The creatures liked them too. Their strange bodies walked around on only two legs, so different from the other creatures. She sensed, too, that wonderful Presence she had known, with the two creatures always. There was such peace, such harmony, that she thought this must be the greatest achievement in the entire universe.

     She wondered how it all would end.

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