Saturday, March 22, 2014

Introducing Photo Saturday...

Because Photo Friday is alliterative and far too predictable.

So, to explain the obvious, I'll post a picture I've taken that isn't fuzzy. Taking non-fuzzy pictures is harder than it looks.

Since it's almost spring, and we're all REALLY REALLY INCREDIBLY SICK OF WINTER, here's one of Mom's pretty irises.


  1. Wait! Is that one of the irises behind the shed? When did you do this? Don't confuse me....I'm too old for! Love ya sweetpea!

    1. I took that last year, remember? When we were going around looking at all the flowers?

  2. Wow! I remember looking at all the flowers but I don't remember you taking a pic. Guess old age is catching up.....Lol! Love ya bunches!