Monday, March 31, 2014

Movie Review: It (1927)

Do you have It?

No, no not that It! Not that It!

We’re talking about “It”. That indefinable something that draws people to you and makes you utterly attractive.

Hugh Laurie has "It" and IT! Ha...ha...yeah.


To put it bluntly, sex appeal. This was quite a popular idea back in the 1920’s, so much that a concept film was made based around it.

It follows the amusing antics of a young shop girl, Betty Lou Spence, played by Clara Bow. Simultaneously flirty yet innocent, she falls in love with her wealthy employer Cyrus Waltham, Jr., and, unlike the majority of heroines in movies of that time, deliberately pursues him. The course of true love seems to run smooth, but obstacles arise in the form of Cyrus’ goofy friend, ice queen girlfriend, and Betty Lou’s busybody neighbors.

Something I like about silent films is how much more emphasis is placed on showing emotion in body language, gestures, and facial features. While sometimes these can be overemphasized and become silly, the actors in It are good at subtle and complex. It’s a short and delightful little film.

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