Tuesday, April 22, 2014

100 Themes Challenge: No Time

Here, have some delicious creepypasta for your breakfast.

     “Time is running out”, that’s what the girl babbled as she ran by. She looked like some kind of addict, with her stringy hair and filthy skin. “Time is running out”.
     I didn’t listen, why should I listen, she was crazy anyways. “Time is running out”. For what? What’s going to happen? No one cares. Shut up you idiot.
     Then the old man at the store started in on it too. “Time is running out. Time is running out.” Some kind of disease, caused mental problems. Had to be. I went back home. I locked myself in. I heard my neighbors start up. “Time is running out”. I called the police. No answer. I tried again. The phone didn’t ring.
     It was close to sunset, and it should have been getting darker, but now it wasn’t. It was that same golden glow, cast over the city. “Time is running out”, came the insistent chanting.
     People were walking the streets now, clutching their heads, screaming it. I wanted to scream it too. But I wasn’t crazy. I didn’t have the disease.
     “Time is running out,” I said, feeling the words on my tongue. “Time is running out.”
     The city still glowed golden.
     The walls echoed with my screams now. “Time is running out time is running out time is running out”.
     I couldn’t stop myself. I had to say it. I don’t know why, but I had to say it.
     Everything is golden.
     Now I look up. The clocks have stopped.
     The clocks have stopped. The clocks have stopped. Time is running out.
     There is silence. No one is moving. The city is still made of gold. I sit here, and cannot move.
     Time has run out.

     There is no time.

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