Thursday, April 24, 2014

Movie Review: Mirror, Mirror

     So I finally watched Mirror, Mirror, the alternate universe of Snow White and the Huntsman. I say this because I’m almost convinced that the creators of both got together, and one decided to do the “teen version” and one decided to do the “kid version”.
     That said, Mirror, Mirror was a very fun movie.
     We are given the usual Snow White back story, with a twist, as it is given by Queen Julia with a delightful amount of snark. Julia is clearly enjoying hamming it up for the camera, and while she never seems particularly sinister, she is cartoonishly villainous.
     The story has fun both with adhering to tradition and turning it on its head. This is Snow White as we expect-extremely sweet and gentle. And the fun part is that she never loses this, even when they do turn her into an action girl. She remains who she is, which is refreshing. I would say Lily Collins gave the most realistic performance of Snow White one could expect in a movie designed more for laughs than for realism. Not only does she retain the Snow White personality, it also makes it believable. The girl’s been locked up in the castle for years. Her reactions to things are completely in line with this, as is her “training montage” to become a Robin Hood expy.
     The dwarves were also quite amusing, as was the prince himself. Ah, there is the problem. While the prince made for a great comedic character (and Armie Hammer had as much fun as Julia being a large ham), the problem lay in that there was nothing about the prince that really draws attention. He was a goofball, half the time being the Comically Serious and half the time pretending to be a dog and licking people. One wonders why Snow White fell for him, particularly as she becomes increasingly competent. I suppose it’s his earnestness, because otherwise, he’s quite dull. The only time he loses his own incompetence is at the Really Big Fight At The End.
     Overall it was a wonderful movie. It was clearly meant to be light-hearted and humorous and it won at that. It also helps that Snow White herself shows more emotion than merely Dull Surprise, and her evolution from a girl locked in a castle to a fairly competent fighter was somewhat more realistic than “two seconds of fighting/sexual tension”.
     Also the faux Renaissance costumes were hilarious. Just saying.


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