Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Movie Review: Much Ado About Nothing (2013)

     Joss Whedon is an interesting fellow. He decides to adapt Much Ado About Nothing, and does so in his own house, on his own budget, and with his own actors. (You know, the same actors he hires for everything.)

     And this worked out very, very well. The dialogue is straight from the play, no changes, but the setting is clearly modern day. It’s a bit quirky (particularly when it comes to the main conflict-being “stale” isn’t quite the same insult when placed in our time), but for the most part it works out very well. A few interesting twists caught my attention-Whedon actually showed that Benedick and Beatrice had a relationship before the events of the play (which is only mentioned in the actual dialogue); Don John is essentially under house arrest (although his crimes are never explained-he was probably doing something For The Evulz, as he is wont to do); and the amount of liquor consumed is rather amusing.

     Amy Acker makes for a good Beatrice; she gives the character an air of studied nonchalance (until she accidentally falls down the stairs while eavesdropping). Alexis Denisof is absolutely goofy. (Another amusing thing that I’m pretty sure Whedon did on purpose-Hero's actress is quite tall, making Benedick look very silly when he complains about her being short.) It’s a fun little adaptation.

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